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In 1986, Olsen Marine, Inc. began with boat repairs and remodeling as a side venue to Tom Olsen's professional sailing career and sailmaking loft. As the years went by, Tom and his wife, Elizabeth, took on new construction projects realizing the satisfaction of hands-on building and manufacturing.

Tom grew up in a family where boat building, repairs, and upgrades for all different types of boats were handled with his father and brothers in their garage. From a young age, he learned the value of being knowledgeable in all aspects of boat maintenance and how that leads to a more complete result. His brothers, Rich and Ken, are a constant presence in the Olsen Marine shop. They provide expert advice, ideas and techniques on a multitude of subjects, and are always available to brainstorm with Tom and his customers to pursue the best results for particular requests or creative ideas.


With his brothers, Tom shares an obsession for the quality and performance of Huckins Yachts and enjoys the traditional aspect of the fleet. The siblings currently together own a 53' Huckins Linwood, Quadrum, that they completely refurbished on weekends over the course of 3-4 years. This is the third Huckins that the family team has remodeled together. So, just as it began as a family working side by side, the team approach tradition continues.

Around 2008, as the yachting industry slowed with the recession, Olsen Marine, Inc. expanded their woodworking expertise towards architects and builders on the Cape. Beyond general CNC millwork, Tom was able to offer his nautical understanding for unique decor and detail projects -- and an interest for our nautically themed custom carved products grew. Olsen Marine, Inc.'s specialities and skills now benefit both marine and custom home improvement projects giving birth to a broader umbrella of offerings through The Olsen Companies.

Visit the galleries on our Custom Services page for details regarding the scope of OLSEN MARINE, INC and THE OLSEN COMPANIES.

In 2017, Olsen Marine, Inc. diversified their business further by purchasing The Duck Boat Company.  Beyond boatbuilding, Tom is a professional sailor, a lifetime fisherman and a fowling sportsman. His son, Nate, Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduate and an avid duck hunter, directed the company's interest towards this endeavor seeing a need for our shop to increase production in the summer season. Owning one of the original TDB, Co. boats himself, Nate developed a passion for the product. Together, their boatbuilding and waterfowling knowledge dovetailed perfectly for the rebirth of The Duck Boat Company.

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Olsen Marine, Inc. and The Olsen Companies are located in East Dennis, Massachusetts. Our shop encompasses 8,000 square feet with separate areas for spraying, woodworking, engine work, fiberglassing and a CNC router. We employ 2-4 craftsmen, depending on the season and our schedule. 

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