SOUTHPAW, Marshall 18' - 1968, #8

In 2009, a very loving owner of this early Marshall decided to make an adjustment to the original design to expand the size of the cockpit and allow for more comfortable picnic excursions for his family and friends on Cape Cod Bay. Working with Olsen Marine, a plan was hatched to cut back the cabin and expand the bench seating and cockpit area, keeping within the lines and vintage of the original design. Along with the new cockpit, interior, cushions and centerboard trunk and table, Olsen Marine added fresh varnish and paint, newly polished brass, a new sail and a quarterboard. The result was stunning, a huge success and a toast to the Marshall class. The improved design led to many day and moonlight sails on the bay with room to recline, spread out and enjoy the motion of the Marshall on the ocean. 


TRUANT, MacKenzie Cuttyhunk 26' - 1958

Olsen Marine endeavored to give rebirth to this vintage classic using only the finest of materials and modern construction techniques, coupled with the best traditional boatbuilding skills on the Cape. Prior to coming to our shop, evidence of neglect was obvious and hopes of her resurrection were dim. A between boat projects plan to build her anew was hatched by Olsen Marine. Upon her recently replaced keel, new oak frames, copper riveted mahogany planking, and a modern diesel power plant appeared over the course of a few years. Her original bronze hardware restored, fore-n-aft operator’s stations installed, bright finish mahogany windshield and trim work fashioned to the era, and all capped off with a stunning color scheme. She has a new home in Buzzards Bay and is known as "Shipster."

DASH, Huckins Gurnet 34 - 1955

This Gurnet 34 was picked up in 1996 by a customer looking for a complete restoration and with definite ideas about the finished product. Dash was given a new bottom, ribs, bulkheads, chines, cockpit sole, engines (454 Crusaders, with a top end 37.5 kts.), electrical and plumbing systems, and a redesigned roof. Added to all that was a glossy paint job, ultra suede cushions and a new cockpit arrangement, with hidden seating and a varnished drop leaf table for ten. Dash, was a picnic boat extraordinaire and once again a true retro-styled head turner. Recently, after changing hands for almost a decade, Dash has came back to Olsen Marine in 2011 for a spruce and new tables before heading north to Maine.


DASH II, Andre Mauric 53' - 1996

This Andre Mauric design jet boat of 53’ was built by Story's Shipyard in Essex, MA, in 1996. A customer purchased her in 1998. Over the next two years the original interior was removed and Olsen Marine installed a new interior with a different layout and style. New 420 Yanmars, an electrical upgrade, a teak after deck and seating bench, teak and holly cabin soles, and complete exterior paint job were completed as well. Dash II is now cruising between Canada and the Bahamas.

MOANA & MAHUBAS, Huckins Gurnet 34 - 1952

A Huckins 34 built in 1952, MOANA was cut down to make an open, launch style day boat. She was purchased by a customer from Portland, ME and brought to Olsen Marine, Inc. in the fall of 2000 for some minor upgrades. Fluffed and buffed in our shop, Moana is now sporting a new exterior paint job, fresh varnish, and a new forward deck hatch. Her cruising grounds are Casco Bay in the summer and Hobe Sound in the winter months.

MAHUBAS was the first Huckins to be rebuilt by Olsen Marine Inc. in 1987. She was given a new transom, new paint inside and out, and an upgrade to the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. She was cruised around Cape Cod and sold three years later to a customer from Boston. Mahubas returned in the fall of 2000, she received new engines, electrical work and a complete paint job. In late July 2001, she headed to Europe on a transport ship for the 150th Americas Cup Jubilee. Mahubas cruised in England for a month and then the Mediterranean for the Classic Yacht Regatta, the final phase of the Jubilee. She now resides in Newport.



A favorite of the Olsen Family, a few Boston Whalers have come in and out of our shop for classic rehabs.

QUADRUM, Huckins Atlantic 53 - 1959

This is our largest Huckins restoration to date. She is an Atlantic 53 purchased by the Olsen family in the fall of 1999 in Annapolis MD. After a short cruise to Cape Cod and some minor repairs she was taken to the Huckins Rendezvous in Jacksonville, FL. She cruised the Bahamas most of the winter with family and friends and returned to New England in the spring of 2000. Quadrum's wheelhouse was removed and she was moved into the shed at Olsen Marine for bottom glassing and painting, a complete exterior paint job, partial rewiring, various misc. plumbing projects and a transom door. A pair of Cummins 420's replaced the original GM 671's. Quadrum made her reentry to the water in June 2002 for the Huckins Rendezvous in Newport Rhode Island and resides in Sesuit Harbor on the Cape.


Home-made Run Abouts - 1950's

This 1950’s family built and owned Run-about came to us in need of some serious attention. After peeling and molding in a basement for a couple of decades, she needed a fresh start. Hours of sanding, patching and sanding some more followed by a finally a beautiful Awl-grip paint job, and she was ready to start a new. This beautiful Bristol came to us as well for a refit, and her retro look is perfect for her home in Barnstable Harbor.