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Olsen Marine, Inc. invested in a quality 12' CNC Router for increased productivity and accuracy in our boat building business. We realized, we could now offer that same efficiency and accuracy to the home building and design community. Our custom woodworking experience and capabilities have expanded to service architects, builders, artisans and contractors all over the Cape and Boston. Precision Woodworking Technology by The Olsen Companies can help you quickly and accurately meet your specifications using Wood, MDF, PVC, Corian, Lexan or Aluminum Surfaces. We can work from existing CAD drawings, templates or produce drawings to meet your requirements. The potential for adding unique, repetitive custom details to your home designs are endless. Browse the pictures below for a sampling of ways we can assist your construction.

Contact Tom Olsen today. Feel free to stop by and discuss a special project or find out how he can help improve your output and meet deadlines.


Some examples of how we can help include, but are not limited to:

  • Circular & Elliptical Window Casings

  • Garage Panels

  • Fencing

  • Shutters

  • Azek Gingerbread

  • Trellises & Lattice

  • Solid Shaping & Curves

  • Balusters, Rafters & Brackets

  • Cabinetry, Trim & Bin Parts

  • Fireplace Trim & Headboards

  • 3-D Decorative Cutting

  • Precision Hole Drilling

  • Dado Cutting

  • Book Cases

Other ways we can help:

     • We work with all standard building materials and reduce your waste dramatically.

     • We eliminate time and energy moving large awkward sheet goods.

     • We provide you with finished parts easy to assemble, labeled if necessary.

     • We can pre-drill holes for hardware.

     • We create decorative trims and carvings to match custom design or antique styles.

     • We offer custom carved signs for all seasons and reasons.

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