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Huckins Gurnet 36, built by Olsen Marine


When building NELLIE G, Olsen Marine worked with the owner to replace the inboards of our original design to outdrives and add a bow thruster to assist the owner with docking in area with high current. This configuration has been very successful for cruising the Cape Cod area for her owner. Her topsides were finished with a stunning Flag Blue navy Awlgrip and the interior graced with bright ultrasuede cushions. She attracts attention where ever she travels. Nellie G was repowered in 2014 with twin 370HP Yanmars.

THE HUCKINS GURNET 36' by OLSEN MARINE - Light, seaworthy, fast and efficient... Twin engines, located at the transom, quietly provide maneuverability, safety and high speed. With standard power, the Gurnet 36' begins to plane at 8 knots, cruising speeds from 12-26 knots, and a top speed of about 28 knots. The hull has the traditional Huckins warped Quadraconic bottom providing a soft ride over a wide range of speeds, better stability at speed and at rest than a deep V-bottom. Full bow sections provide superb buoyancy, with plenty of room below decks. A well-designed cabin house protects the operator and passengers from the elements, yet affords excellent visibility. Because the boat is designed and built to be light, relatively little power is needed to achieve a given speed making the boat efficient. The exterior is painted fiberglass, with just enough bright work so maintenance costs are minimal. The Gurnet 36’ provides full standing room throughout. A stateroom forward includes sleeping comfort for two and storage space for their belongings. The galley fits a propane stove, refrigerator, hot and cold water, and plenty of locker storage. A head, with sufficient shower space, makes overnight cruising enjoyable. There are large opening windows, allowing plenty of light and air. On deck, facing forward and protected from wind, spray and direct sun, are passenger seats with excellent visibility. Windshields open for a little breeze with wipers and washers. Further aft, is a large cockpit area, part of which is protected by a smooth fixed roof open to the sides. In this area, the owner may have a settee-berth, folding chairs, or a picnic table. Part of the cockpit is open, for full sunshine, fishing, or sun bathing. Access forward is easy, with wide side decks and plenty of hand holds. An anchor, chain and line stows in its own locker at the bow. Stern engines, wiring and plumbing are easily accessible. This boat is designed to be as simple as possible, with a minimum of complicated gadgets requiring constant attention. The Gurnet 36’ is seaworthy, efficient, comfortable, practical, beautiful and traditional. 


Huckins Gurnet 36

Jitterbug was the first Gurnet 36' built by Olsen Marine. Still enjoyed by the original owner, she continues to be a head turner cruising the waters of Nantucket Sound with a Vivid Red Awlgrip finish.


The hull is a traditional lay up on the keel stem and bulkheads of two layers of 3/8" mahogany planking, with a layer of glass on the outside, and a layer of glass on the inside below the waterline. The cockpit soles are a composite of glass, foam and cork. The deck, house and roof are a composite of glass and Corecell foam. The furniture and interior is Okume plywood finished with painted fiberglass and trimmed with bright mahogany.


Taylor 54


This beautiful Jim Taylor designed 54' fast cruising, ultra light, traditional looking sloop is anchored and races out of Marion, MA. She was custom built over 18 months by Olsen Marine, Inc in the true spirit of tradition with the classic looks of a meter boat from the early part of the twentieth century, but using modern construction techniques and materials. Its composite hull was built in conjunction with Aquidneck Custom Composites using cedar veneers over foam core with fiberglass and epoxy reinforcements. After completion of the hull, Olsen Marine built and installed a completely custom designed interior of beautifully hand-crafted cherry, teak and cedar with the traditional allure of a classic yacht and the efficiency of a modern lightweight racing boat.


Candu-EZ, 14'


The COLONEL is a Candu-EZ design micro tug.  It was a project built at our shop by my brothers and my nephew and has turned into a permanent and important member of our yacht family. The design was modified in a couple of interesting ways. First, a box keel was added to provide space for a small diesel engine as well as to provide a stable surface for the boat to dry out on at low tide on its mooring. The cabin roof was built using composite cold molded wood with a foam core and a solid glass brow around the outside. The cap rail around the sheer is laminated out of spruce and finally the whole boat was sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy and awlgripped. The COLONEL turns heads and elicits smiles wherever she goes, and while she may not be very speedy she will turn 360 degrees in her own length.